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Our Products

Pantex products are made by experts, for experts. Our Gold-Standard Immunoassays are ready to use, simple, fast and accurate. Our Antibodies are completely characterized for optimum specificity and sensitivity from large clone populations, they’re sample-ready with a minimum of setup work for your lab. No extraction or pretreatment required.

  • Recombinant Monoclonal Antibodies
    Aldosterone Estradiol, 17β Estriol, Free, Unconjugated Estrone Melatonin Progesterone Testosterone Thyroxine (T4) Triiodothyronine (T3) 25OH-Vitamin D3 25OH-Vitamin D2, D3
  • Polyclonal Antibodies
    Androstenedione Corticosterone Cortisol DHEA DHEA-S Estradiol,17ß Estriol, Free, Unconjugated 17αOH Progesterone Testosterone
  • HRP Enzyme Conjugates
    Aldosterone-3-CMO-HRP Androstenedione-7-CETE-HRP Corticosterone-3-CMO-HRP Cortisol-3-CMO-HRP DHEA-15-CETE-HRP DHEA-SO4-7-CMO-HRP Estradiol-17ß-6-CMO-HRP Estriol-6-CMO-HRP Melatonin-HRP 17OH Progesterone-3-CMO-HRP Progesterone-11-HS-HRP Testosterone-19-CME-HRP 25OH Vitamin D HRP
  • Enzyme Immunoassays
    Diagnostic Salivary Assays Cortisol Estradiol 17ß Progesterone Testosterone Research Use Salivary Assays DHEA-S Melatonin Research Use Human Serum Assays Melatonin
  • Steroid Tri-Level Controls
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