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Our Story 


Pantex was founded in 1972 by Dr. Neil Y. Chiamori in response to the pressing need of physicians, researchers, and laboratories to obtain kits to

detect and measure picogram quantities of specific circulating hormones, all of these in the many forms in which they are produced, activated, or metabolized in health and disease.


In 1976 Dr. Guy E. Abraham, a pioneer in the production of anti-steroid antibodies and the setting up of some of the first RIAs for steroid hormones, joined Pantex's research department. This made it possible for Pantex to offer a complete line of Iodinated Steroid Kits and Antisera.

In 1995 Dr. Romulo Garza joined Pantex on a joint venture to produce anti-steroid antibodies. Dr. Garza was the founder (1969) and President of Radioassay Systems Lab Inc. (now MP Biomedicals and formerly a part of the Diagnostic Division of ICN).

Dr. Garza is a member of the Endocrine Society and the American Thyroid Association as well as other scientific societies. Dr. Garza earned his doctorate under the late Dr. Jean A. Dussault, considered to be the "father"of blood spot technology in neonatal testing. With the passing of Dr. Chiamori in 2003, Dr. Garza assumed ownership of Pantex and is its current President and Senior Scientist.

Pantex scientist working with Dr. Phillip Garza


Dr. Garza assumed ownership and is its current president and senior scientist 

Pantex develops its first Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody


Founded 1972






Pantex develops its first Salivary 510(k) EIA for Cortisol

The high standards, integrity, and scientific expertise of Dr. Garza and his team move Pantex forward through the 21st century

Quality you can trust.

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Our Mission

World Class

Pantex high qualified labratory team

Pantex is committed to satisfying its global customers by providing quality products and services. Continuous company improvement is the goal of every employee.

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