Polyclonal  Anti-17αOH Progesterone C-3

Lot Numbers:

115, 47AC, 5895B, 5895D



Host Species:



17α-OH Progesterone-3-CMO-BSA

Tested Methods:



Antibody against 17α-OH Progesterone

Supplied As:

Neat serum antibody

Product Description

Pantex Rabbit Polyclonal Antibodies are produced with custom synthesized immunogens linked at novel positions to the steroid molecule for optimum sensitivity and specificity. Pantex Antibodies are tested against all known potentially cross-reacting steroids or related compounds before market release. All Pantex antibodies are characterized to function in serum, plasma or salivary non-isotopic assays. INDUSTRIAL BULK AND RESEARCH QUANTITIES AVAILABLE. Matching HRP enzyme conjugates are available for all steroid antisera.

General Notes

Pantex is the number one world-wide supplier of this highly sensitive and specific antiserum. Accurately measures 17𝛼OHP on dried blood spots, serum, plasma, or saliva. Meets CDC target values for CDC proficiency testing samples.

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Matching HRP

17OH Progesterone-3-CMO-HRP

NOTE 1:  "C" + number indicates the position of conjugated protein or horseradish peroxidase (HRP) on the steroid molecule

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